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Although the movie itself will walk into every romantic comedy cliche, it's still nice to see another side of a star that has been in the industry for such a long time.

Gretchen Wieners might not approve of Christian Mingle, but as a spiritual statement, it's pretty fetch.

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Christian Mingle begins with a tired rom-com premise: that there are no good men in [insert vaguely New York-esque city here], and the heroine is tired of being the only single gal in her friend group.

Where most rom-coms would turn to a meet-cute, CM turns to a bald-face lie: Lacey's character pretends to be Christian in order to meet a cute, somewhat bland guy on Christian

Some of her work has been very family-friendly, and a few movies have begun to broach religious topics, like her starring role in What If God Were the Sun?

a film about "a grieving nurse [who] finds comfort and inspiration in her new assignment, where she meets a terminally ill woman with a quick wit and strong faith." Even if this sounds surprisingly spiritual, it's nothing like her role in Christian Mingle (the movie).

Her mother is of mostly English, and some Scottish, descent.