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The Romanian language has developed primarily in the Daco-Romanian variant that is the national language of Romania, but also other Romanian variants such as Aromanian is spoken în Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia and Macedonia by Aromanian minority.

Historian Lucien Musset, wrote that in the case of the central Europe, the old Latin space must be considered as a single country from Swabia to Transylvania in Romania; the western parts were Germanized, the center parts were Hungarianized and only the eastern and southern parts remained Latinophones; the demographic score of the Latinised "islands" from Transilvania made Latin to survive while the "Latin islands" from Balkans disappeared slowly The Latins were an ancient Italic tribe of Latium, a small region located in present-day Lazio) of central Italy, (Latium Vetus - Old Latium), in the 1st millennium BC.

Although their Latin origins aren't as pronounced as other groups.

Many attribute this to their Celtic origins and various Germanic influences.

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