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The current version of the law is now part of the Administrative Code. The law also provides for absolute confidentiality between a victim and a domestic violence counselor/advocate. §§ 1171.1-1171.14 Amendments to this Act in 19 prohibit insurance companies from denying coverage or benefits to victims of domestic violence for life, health, disability, homeowners and auto insurance.

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It directs the court to give weighted consideration to anything affecting the safety of the child, including the present and past abuse of each parent and members of the parents’ households.

The law also provides strict guidance to any person who wishes to relocate to a new home with the child if that move would take away from the other parent’s ability to see the child.

The goal of the Jen & Dave Program is to protect Pennsylvania’s children by making it easier for parents to obtain criminal information about other people involved in their child custody case.

Grants for Domestic Violence & Rape Crisis Services Senate Bill 71 of 1981 is the law that first authorized the Commonwealth to make grants for domestic violence and rape crisis services. or Act 66 of 2005 is the state law that provides for Protection From Abuse (PFA) Orders to safeguard victims and their children from a family or household member who is abusing them.

Highlights of this landmark legislation VAWA includes dozens of grant programs that fund thousands of programs.