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Once inserted she checks her BP and then removes her gown and listens to her lungs and heart with the steth.Everything is OK and she leaves the room and lets the patient rest.

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When she finally gets her sandal back she takes a gimp up and down a rickety metal stair case and stone stairs with her stiff casted foot. She wakes up with her cast foot on a special pillow and the first thing she does is rub her exposed toes in their plaster prison.

next its off to the showers, then getting dressed going out to the wet deck with on bare foot t pic some tomatoes and then her stretching routine where she favors her cast foot by putting it up on a table.

Norah SLWC w/ Toe Plate Hanging at Home After breaking her foot in a home accident, Norah manages to stub her big toe and break that too!

Now she is hobbling around on crutches at home trying to get use to the very uncomfortable big toe spica leg cast.

She wears a hospital gown, neck brace and a green bouffant cap.