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After successfully downloading and installing the app on your device, tap the Snapchat icon on your phone or table’s home screen, tap the blue “Sign Up” button at the bottom of the app’s home page, enter your email address in the first field of the registration form that will be displayed in the center of your phone’s screen, enter a password for your new Snapchat account, enter your birth date, and then click the green “Sign Up” button that will instantly show up at the bottom once you’re done filling out the registration form. Tap Snapchat’s shortcut icon on phone’s home screen to launch/open the app on your device. Now tap the big red “LOG IN” button located at the bottom of your phone’s screen. Enter your email address or username in the first field of the access form that you’ll see in the center of your screen. ” link located right beneath the “password” text field or go directly to the site’s password reset page at instead.

Once you are on the password reset page enter your email address, click the green “Submit” button at the bottom of the page, then go to your email inbox and click on the reset password link that will be automatically sent to you in order to create a new password.

Usually, for taking a snap, you will be given just a couple of 3 seconds which is a just amazing experience.

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Now click okay and sign up with your username and password using your PC.

Snap Chat is developed for sending you to selfie from a photogenic person who is just a matter of seconds.

It simply means that the candid weird selfie of yours is no longer important that end up on the internet.

Snap Chat also helps you to save time for searching which deletes all the Snap from the web.

I have to admit that I’m not the biggest Snapchat fan on the planet, I have used it though, and I still have it installed on my Android phone, but to tell you the truth it doesn’t thrill me, because I never send out messages that need to be destroyed within a certain time frame.