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They could be subject to arbitrary arrest simply due to their appearance, and many carry official documents that state their status in order to be protected from official harassment.

While the Iranian government permits, and in fact encourages, sex-reassignment surgeries (SRS), transgender individuals face unequal treatment.

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In addition, LGBT persons are deprived of the freedom of peaceful assembly as well as the freedom of opinion, expression and information.

The rights of LGBT persons to life, health, non-discrimination and privacy are routinely violated by the IRI.

Introduction Farshid, a 27-year-old homosexual Iranian, had no choice but to keep silent after two plainclothes agents of the Iranian state raped him in Tehran one autumn night in 2007.

There is no indication that the situation of Iran’s LGBT persons will change, in law or in practice, in the near future.

As a homosexual living in Iran, the risks of speaking outweighed any possible benefits for Farshid: I was scared for a long time.

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