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Instead of zipping down a cable thetrolley runs along a pipe allowing the closed loop course to take curves.

This way the riders enjoy additional G-Forces of a coaster with the thrill of a zip line.

Been to IOI City Mall and still wondering what is District 21??

District 21 is an Active Leisure Park located in a 70,000 Not only District 21 is a themed family entertainment centre (FEC) where all attractions are based on active participation you can definitely be the guardian or join the adventure together and engage more with your childrens.

Even by 2018, there are not that many social activities in Vientiane that either Lao or foreigners can indulge in, besides drinking Beer Lao or the local cheap but potent (and detrimental to health over time) 'Lao whisky', a white spirit known as lao kao.