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He introduced 400 new talents to the Indian film industry, some of them went on to become big names in Indian Cinema.

A note from Boris-Alexander Grönemeyer Producer of Ram Gopal Varma's GUNS and THIGHS Produced by STORMCELL ENTERTAINMENT Being from Germany, the only things you hear about Indian movies are Bollywood musicals and Slumdog Millionaire.

This Series is as much intended for the international audience as it is for the youth in India, who were either not born then or were too young to register the turbulent times the city of Mumbai went through during that time period and I strongly believe this Series will document that era for those who did not witness it first hand.

Mumbai, one of the world's ten most populated cities, with nearly 20 million people, is also the financial capital of India; but ironically it's the heartbreaking visuals of poverty that showcases most of the city.

But as a real film fan in the process of discovering more, I came across RGV’s work. I’m working a lot in China right now, emerging myself in other cultures and in other forms of storytelling, which go beyond the traditional Western way.

At some point, you realize that the core of those stories around the world is the same – everyone just expresses them differently.

Ram Gopal Varma „Being greatly influenced by many philosophers from Ayn Rand to Friedrich Nietzsche, fiction writers like James Hadley Chase and Frederick Forsyth, and even humor magazines like Mad, the only one thing I have ardently relished, respected, valued, loved and trusted is film-making." - RGV Ram Gopal Varma (RGV) is one of the foremost Indian Directors and screenwriters.