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In the rude psychology of the primitive nations, the soul is often represented as actually migrating to and fro during dreams and trances, and after death haunting the neighbourhood of its body.

Often, as among the Fijians, it is represented as a miniature replica of the body, so small as to be invisible.

The Samoans have a name for the soul which means "that which comes and goes".

Many peoples, such as the Dyaks and Sumatrans, bind various parts of the body with cords during sickness to prevent the escape of the soul.

In short, all the evidence goes to show that Dualism, however uncritical and inconsistent, is the instinctive creed of "primitive man " (see ANIMISM ). In the "Rig-Veda" and other liturgical books of India, we find frequent references to the coming and going of manas (mind or soul).

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