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The biggest in Jenna Dewan news is that she and Channing Tatum have finally broke up after all these years for him to go explore his homsexuality….

The second biggest in Jenna Dewan news is that when she was a back-up dancer for Janet Jackson she was gifted vibrators by Janet Jackson, a gift idea she got from talking to her brother about what he gave 12 year old Culkin…..

I find this whole movement disgusting, but prefer when the people involved don’t pretend they are into Jesus or whatever, and embrace being softcore sex workers out for fame and money. Hilary Duff has some thick fucking thighs, so it’s only natural for her, like all other girls with thick fucking thighs, to wear some leggings, since normal jeans aren’t designed for their thick fucking legs..

Hilary Duff, whether she’s having fights with her neighbor, breaking all the instagram rules by putting him on blast like a Cyber Bully who will get sued fucking hard, or not…is not that interesting to me, but she is seemingly horny, a divorcee who has a series of men she fucks, gets filled by, cuz she’s Hilary Duff…I can count 4-5 dudes this past year, and that’s not people sneaking into her house at night that no one knows about…and I like horny divorcees, sex addiction is a thing, and people like their pussy holes filled, just not by you….

Lottie Moss is on the instagram bikini hustle, because she’s from the UK and being from the UK means she needs to weekend in Ibiza, and is there for opening weekend, in her bikini…