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Did it have anything to do with Ledger's accidental overdose on prescription pills? Mary-Kate's stonewall tactic eventually worked when the DEA and federal prosecutors closed the inquiry into Ledger's death in August of 2008. With multiple clothing labels to their name, the twins offer everything from affordable children's clothing all the way up to haute couture.

And while they kicked off their careers with threads sold exclusively at Walmart, they really shot to the top of the catwalk when they unleashed a ,000 pill-covered handbag associated with their label The Row in 2012.

It kind of goes without saying that any hope for a normal life gets dashed for people who become millionaires before they can even walk, but Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who famously portrayed Michelle Tanner on the smash sitcom , cranked the dial on their wacky personal lives all the way up to 11.

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How have these child stars remained rich when so many of their peers have struggled?

The twins earned much of their fortune making unintentionally laughable direct-to-video movies — 45 to be exact, according to – and the bulk of those percentage points are probably owed to co-star Eugene Levy — yet none of that stopped the movie from collecting more than $21 million worldwide.

That's right, these two helped create a black crocodile leather backpack covered with prescription pills and called it high fashion.

According to , the must-have accessory for the fashionable pharma rep was the result of a collaboration with artist Damien Hirst, whose pill-centric work was previously featured in some of his other installations, called Pill Cabinets.

Baby sister's resume also creates a significant difference between her and her sisters. She went straight to critically-acclaimed indies, such as (2016).