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The movie, which also stars Matthew Mc Conaughey, Marisa Tomei and William H.

Macy, opened on March 18, 2011, Phillippe next filmed the dramatic dark comedy Revenge for Jolly!

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have inside information.

Phillippe described the filming process as "really run-and-gun.

There were no comforts, and I actually appreciate that." He noted that the experience affected him, explaining that "we were shooting during the day in Soweto, and it was an endless procession of funerals—death is so common. It has made me want to get more involved in Africa-based charities." In the summer of 2010, Phillippe began filming the adaptation of popular crime novel The Lincoln Lawyer, taking on the role of Louis Roulet, a wealthy Los Angeles playboy accused of a crime for which his culpability is unclear.

He has since commented that he believes Cooper to be "the best actor America has to offer".

He then starred in Chaos, in which he plays a police officer, Five Fingers, a drama set in Morocco, Kimberly Peirce's Iraq war film Stop-Loss, and the futuristic Franklyn.

When De Generes asked Legend about the night in question, he felt the need to clear the air. "But we know people who were there, and they know who it was.