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Of course, once together, couples were not allowed to separate - for most people, divorce was not possible. The medieval period, or Middle Ages, were a time from 476 to 1453, with a lot of give and take on the dates.The Middle Ages were the time in the middle between the supposed intellectual greatness of the Roman Empire and the supposed intellectual greatness of what was considered modern at the time.

It is traditionally divided into three periods, Early, High, and Late.

I would further divide the Early Middle Ages into the Age of Migrations, and the Carolingian Age, because these two were very different from one another.

This paper reports the results from applying the Cryo2Soni C (Cryobreaking, Sonication, Centrifugation) protocol to some lime mortars sampled from the citadel of Shayzar (Syria).

The overall aims of this project are 1) to use the properties offered by high-precision accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) radiocarbon dating for the evaluation of absolute chronology with its typical robust time constraints (i.e.

The marriage itself was very different than it is today.