Migrating and consolidating file servers with enterprise vault is francia raisa dating daren kagasoff

Time limitations often require what’s called a ‘chasing’ migration where the primary mailbox needs to be migrated before an archive can be migrated, rather than the archives being moved first.

Groups to be migrated are picked based on their shared access requirements (such as a PA having access to their manager’s email).

In these instances, the client determines the groups to be migrated, usually by department or geography.

This means the archive migration is always chasing the mailbox migration to ensure a smooth user experience The end result was a unified global archive environment across all three regions, able to be centrally managed from the Americas, and successfully achieved within the client’s desired timelines.

Due to timeline restrictions in this region, it was decided that an on-premises intermediary solution was required before a full mailbox migration to Office 365 could be completed.

So the mail environments were consolidated into one Exchange and EV environment, in preparation for when the region was ready to complete the mailbox move to Office 365: 1.

To introduce global consistency of end-user email experience and to bring order to the company’s email management sprawl, the company wanted to complete a streamlined, multi-part migration in the shortest time possible.