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Norfolk county councillors voted, by 39 votes to 26, with two abstentions, to increase the basic allowance from £9,401 to £10,500 a year - despite an independent panel recommending it should stay at the current level.

Conservative leader Cliff Jordan’s special responsibility allowance is going up to £31,700 from £27,495, while the chairs of adult social care and children’s services committees will get an increase from £13,747 to £15,809.

Caister-on-Sea (CON gain from LAB) PENNY CARPENTER (C) 1177 Donna Hammond (UKIP) 551 Christina Horne (L) 467 Harry Webb (G) 168 Majority: 636 Turnout: 31.58pc East Flegg (CON gain from UKIP) RON HANTON (C) 1529 * Jonathon Childs (UKIP) 714 John Simmons (L) 413 Ken Petersen (G) 157 Majority: 815 Turnout: 36.94pc Gorleston St Andrews (CON hold) * GRAHAM PLANT (C) 1145 Tony Wright (L) 834 Kay Grey (UKIP): 401 Tracey Darnell (G): 105 Majority: 311 Turnout: 32.45pc Yarmouth North and Central (LAB hold) * MICK CASTLE (L) 871 James Bensly (C) 836 Chris Walch (UKIP) 700 Tony Harris (LD) 129 Majority: 35 Turnout: 27.69pc Lothingland (CON gain from Vacant) ANDY GRANT (C) 1331 Carl Annison (UKIP) 800 Cara Walker (L) 673 Majority: 531 Turnout: 31.17pc Breydon (CON gain from UKIP) Carl Smith (C) 1289 Trevor Wainwright (L) 795 * Alan Grey (UKIP) 619 Majority: 494 Turnout: 31pc Magdalen (LAB hold) * COLLEEN WALKER (L) 1062 Julia Miller (C) 739 John Ellerton (UKIP) 413 Majority: 323 Turnout: 27.27pc Yarmouth Nelson and Southtown (LAB gain from UKIP) MIKE SMITH-CLARE (L) 843 Peter Fitzgerald (UKIP) 562 George Rogers (C) 492 Lisa Alston (LD) 78 Majority: 281 Turnout 21.51pc North Norfolk Cromer (LIB DEM gain from CON) TIM ADAMS (LD) 1481 * Hilary Cox (C) 1310 Jane Worsdale (L) 255 John Digby (UKIP) 153 Mike Bossingham (G) 123 Majority: 171 Turnout: 40.96pc Fakenham (CON held) * TOM FITZPATRICK (C) 1321 Hugh Lanham (LD) 556 Jack Smith (UKIP) 202 Imogen Bruce (L) 352 Jenny Outred (G) 80 Majority: 765 Turnout: 30.76pc Holt (LIB DEM gain from UKIP) SARAG BUTIKOFER (LD) 1666 David Ward (C) 1455 Richard Kelham (L) 210 Terry Comber (UKIP) 202 Paula D’Attoma (G) 123 Majority: 211 Turnout: 50.57pc Hoveton and Stalham (CON held) * NIGEL DIXON (C) 1540 Philip Livesey (LD) 616 Mandy Mc Kenna (L) 301 Michael Macartney-Filgate (G) 119.

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