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Recent studies have found that on average, we now remain single for more than half of our lives... The objective is to fulfill the volunteer needs of non-profit organizations in the Greater Boston Area while having fun and meeting people. or if you have been single for awhile and are out there playing the field, and loving it! Click here to go to Website- A non-profit organization that connects singles who share a common interest in volunteerism.

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The pressure's on in spring and summer, when it seems everyone's picnicking on a grassy knoll or taking in the oodles of free outdoor events.

But for the love of the next outing, don’t just default resort to dinner or drinks.

-This group is for anyone single born of the Baby Boom generation (give or take a few years) who would appreciate a dignified way to meet other singles through personal introductions and safe social gatherings.

Coming up with an original date idea can be more painful than nailing down the date itself.

It’s arguably the city’s greatest simple pleasure: the outdoor harbor seal exhibit outside the New England Aquarium.