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She left my ass to last and poured some lotion in the crack, and subsequently proceeded to rub deep in the valley and around my dark hole.

I must admit I then squirmed and had a moan of pleasure as she tickled it.

At first I resisted, out of politeness, but she insisted so I rolled onto my front. From my shoulders to my back, to my sides to my calves and then thighs.

She took the lotion and poured it onto my back, and ass cheeks, and started rubbing it in. It took seconds after she started for my cock to get hard, and it got harder the more she rubbed the lotion into my skin.

I have to say that the feel of this stranger doing that to me, at first surprised me, and I was going to stop her out of courtesy, but then, as I enjoyed it, I wasn’t going to complain.