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If I remember rightly at that time the entrance fee was 2d for a child and 4d for an adult, and it costs 1d to borrow a towel.

If you won a race at the annual gala you maybe the luck winner of a 6 month contract that enabled you to get in free.

Mc Intyre, Pat Lythe, Audrey Byers, Winifred Nelson, Molly Mc Garrigan and many names I cannot remember - sorry.

I'd guess the photo is from the 1940's Photo and information kindly shared to us by Kevin Kerr "My name is Kevin Kerr and I'm Helmshore born and bred and I'm 63, I love your site, the memories come flooding back, and I was suprised to see myself on some of the pictures from Helmshore County Primary School in the 1960s, and even more astounded that I could remember all the names too, so I thought I'd like to try and make a contribution to the blog" Names offered: Dane Swindells, Marilyn Zebrowski (nee Heys), Teresa Carr (neck band), Patricia Swindels (looking left), Pam Stevenson, Pat Durkin, Ingrid Bentley Photo: Thanks to Peter Fisher NOW ARCHIVED UNDER BOTH PHOTOS AND LABOUR PARTY Names offered: Father Rigby, Miss Swift, also Elsie Warburton, Sarah Cottam, Lione and Claire Ormerod, Laura Dewhurst, Georgina Mc Kenzie, Bette Deegan, Theresa and Seamus Barry Margaret Clegg, Selina Petrie Old Rossendale Tram which for many years was seen at the front of SPOUT HOUSE.

The tram is currently in the Manchester Transport Museum where it is being renovated.

Haslingden derives from Hazeldean or Valley of the Hazels.

It lies 19 miles north of Manchester in the County of Lancashire.

When the club was doing well in the league a year or two later, he bought a pair of the teams green and white cotton trunks.