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Chevy and its by-then ubiquitous and iconic small-block V-8 obviously got a slice of the business for 1966. To cut costs during the OPEC troubles, the NYPD downsized from the full-size Fury to the intermediate Satellite Custom.

These more svelte (but still huge by today’s standards) sedans featured the same Chrysler small-block 318 V-8 that the big Furys used, but weighed about 700 pounds less.

Dodge’s 318 V-8-powered M-body was a mainstay of police and highway patrol duty throughout its long life.

Perps enjoyed a bit less rear seat legroom than in the full-size Caprices they most often competed with, but they were slightly nimbler—especially in tight traffic.

New York is replacing the Cushman-style scooters typically used by meter patrols.