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Adding to his parental disappointment was his stature.Although he was smart, athletic and personable, Simon was 'small like a mouse, small like a pip squeak, small like the punch line to every short-guy joke the other kids could image'.Morphing from their initial singing partnership as Tom and Jerry in the late 1950s to the 1960s chart-topping pop duo they became, Simon's personal demons soared standing next to his tall, blue-eyed best friend, Art Garfunkel.

It was two months before he came clean - and when news of the solo deal emerged, Simon wasn't even apologetic.

After all, he figured, he and Garfunkel could be the next Everly Brothers, 'and he had decided he wanted a shot at being Elvis'.

He still continued to pull EVERY OTHER trick in the narcissist’s arsenal, though, eventually leading me to end the relationship in order to preserve my own sanity). I wish I had read an article like this when I was dating the narcissist.

Reply Agreed I had to file for divorce after 24 years I could see in his face the mask was slipping. It would have been super helpful, although I was so in to him that I would have rationalized his abusive behavior in some other way.

Garfunkel was furious, since the two had agreed that their pop star identities were going to remain Tom and Jerry, high schoolers from Anytown, USA, 'not Paul and Artie from the most Jewish high school in the most Jewish section of Queens, New York'.