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Across town, the boys all have a boys night out at a bar. She says that sounds great but she can’t consider getting back together until she sees some actual changes.

That’s good because it doesn’t make sense to anyone but her. She also has him on tracker and stalks his social media. In other words she wants him to live his life the way she wants him to. Craig says he is getting a life coach to help him be more productive and keep better hours.

Do you ever just not want to talk to anyone some days and avoid people? If your ex contacted you and asked to meet up because he/she needs closure on the past, would you agree to?

Whose fault do you think it is, when you find out that your partner is cheating? Why "Jessica Jones" Might Be The Female Men Have Been Waiting For I' M NOT A NICE GUY!

This episode starts with the carpetbagger’s butler showing up to help Cameran get ready for the baby to come. Craig, Shep, Austen, Thomas and Whitney are in attendance. Craig says, “Fine, then we are not getting back together.” Naomie says that he is all talk and no action.