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Junior archaeology student at University of Chicago, Jon Clindaniel, said that while the university is known as ‘the place where fun comes to die’, the website promises it is ‘where fun comes to thrive’.

While the site is hoping to attract students keen on no-strings-attached meetings, a local news crew found it had received a mix response from the current University of Chicago student body.

Before continuing further I'd also like to point out while you may find most arcade games easily out of the Internet, you must (on a legal standpoint) own the original game before you can run it with MAME.

'Users must have a email to register on the site, but after can post listings requesting anything from romance right through to casual 'no strings' sex and even affairs.

The site does ask its users to practice safe sex however and advises they can get free condoms from the university's student care centres.

First of all, I'd like to point out there are many different ways of converting an Arcade Cabinet into a MAME Cabinet.

The way I did it is not the way, however this is the way that fitted my specifications the most.

While Kimberley Wright told CBS Chicago the concept was ‘a lot of fun’, new members of the university seemed less convinced, with freshman Lynda Lopez saying she thought ‘This is not for me’ when she looked at the site.