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Auch Glatteis oder Nebel birgt vor allem im Straßenverkehr große Gefahren.

127 Yard Sale” event – 8/8/2015) P 2 (TUR – 7-B; also an example reported by Jill Harbour – found 6/16/2015 north of Cimarron, New Mexico) P 3 (TUR – 7-B) P 4 (CS) P 5 (found by Rob during excavation work @ Wilmington, NC on 1/12/2016) P 6 (listed on ebay, pic shown in Bill Lockhart et al article: , 2007) P 7 (ebay seller rumrooster, Boise, ID – 1/28/2018) P 8 (reported by Mark Reid – heel is marked 8-B) P 9 (found in BC, Canada by Garth Johnson, query posted on bottlebooks.com, 09/2002) P 10 (TUR – 8-B; example found by Betsy Sears on dive near Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii; also an example reported by Eric Halkyard – found in Houlton, ME) P 11 (CS; ebay seller hamptdog – 9/15/2014) P 12 (example found in downtown Seattle, WA by Nate Provident during construction excavation–reported 8/27/2014) P 13 (TUR – 9-B; also an example reported by John, found near Fairfield, California in 2/2015.) P 14 (“pint” size example verified at sales booth near Harrodsburg, KY during “Rt.

127 Yard Sale” event on 8/8/2015) P 15 (reported by William Linzenmeyer – bottle found during excavation for construction project in Spokane, WA 7/2017) P 16 (CS) P 18 (CS; Rhyolite NV Bottle House) P 19 (CS) P 20 (reported 1/19/2016 by Becky Rakestraw – found in Dallas, GA) P 21 (reported by James Turner) P 22 (TUR – 8-B; ebay seller premiersportsplus – 4/02/2014) P 23 (CS; an example found by Anne-Marie Venne at flea market in Quebec, Canada 5/14/2016) P 24 (base shard found in Courtland, AZ by Ernie Parks; bottle reported by Phil in Tennessee; also a bottle found washed up on the beach by Gary L.

Y 23 (example found while digging for garden – reported 6/11/2017 by Duane Syverson of Guthrie, OK) Y 25 (CS) Y 27 (partial bottle found 2/22/2015 by Dave Munro on beach @ Bellingham, WA) Y 30 (bottle reported by Emily La Parle – found while snorkeling near Lahaina, Maui, HI on 3/21/2018) Y 33 (found in Atlanta GA excavations for subway system in 1970s, as reported by archeologist Jessica Moss 11/18/2016) Y 37 (example found by Brian Kutter near Waxahachie, Texas on 2/13/2016).

Y 43 (example reported 8/21/2017 by Lynn – found in Walterboro, South Carolina) Y 61 (found by Walter Kopp during excavation for sewer lines in Tulsa, OK, reported 10/2015) Y 63 (or Y 53?

This photo has not been “flipped”, as the base appears just as shown.