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In the same year, he enrolled in NWA Midwest and won the promotion’s Tag Team event.Immediately, Rollins signed with Independent Circuit for upcoming four years.He competed in a six-man tag team bout pitting himself, Colonel De Beers and Bob Orton Jr.

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The feature will be aimed at “building real, long-term relationships, not just hookups,” Zuckerberg said, adding that since “there are 200 million people on Facebook that list themselves as single…

clearly, there’s something to do here.”Zuckerberg added that friends will not be able to see one another’s dating profiles, as part of its privacy policy for the new feature.

When the ring announcer introduced him and listed his weight at 317 pounds, Rose would angrily take the microphone away from him or her and claim to weigh "a slim, trim, 217 pounds". On occasion, he would also do one-handed push-ups and kip-ups in the ring, and challenge other more muscular opponents to a "pose-down." Rose claims that Vince Mc Mahon used to say, "I want everybody to work out...except for Buddy," knowing that Rose's weight was his gimmick.

Rose memorably appeared in a faux infomercial for the "Buddy Rose Blow Away Diet," which consisted of pouring powder all over himself and then "blowing away the fat" with a household fan, which resulted in him looking the same.

Rose and Doug Somers engaged in a feud with the Midnight Rockers over the AWA World tag team title in 19. Rose had another run in the WWF from 1990 to early 1991.