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The disparity is even worse in the West Midlands where nearly half of assault complaints against police come from black or Asian people – though just 14 per cent of the population is black or ethnic minority.

Of these 191 (43 per cent) alleged victims are white and 243 (55 per cent) black or Asian.

In 33 additional cases, 28 Met officers are on restricted duties and five more suspended following assault allegations.

He remains at University Hospital in a fair condition, according to a post on the Kaysville City Facebook page. It's very emotional for me to hear and see,' Kaysville Police Chief Sol Oberg told desertnews.com'I saw some of the burns and they were substantial - to the back of one officer, the arm and face of one officer.

'There was some concern about burns in their mouth and throat or lungs that would block an airway,' he said, adding that the officers were alert but in pain when he arrived, and they were worried about each other.'I feel a lot of pride in the fact that these officers, without hesitation, responded to an emergency to save not only this suicidal person but a lot of other people in what could have been literally an explosive situation here.

In 10 cases the ethnicity was not recorded and of the remaining 23 cases white complainants account for 10 (43.5 per cent) and black and Asian 13 (56.5 per cent).