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The festival supports and increases awareness of older artists. Seniors can discuss dating challenges, gain access to senior dating resources such as expert dating advice, editorial postings and an online community. Watch Video Online senior dating service with a live senior dating counselor offering 24/7 professional dating advice, along with a comprehensive site including dating advice, safety tips, senior date ideas, dating forums, and senior dating blogs.

Online, open to seniors in USA, Canada, UK and all countries.

"PHONE BUDDIES FOR HOLLYWOOD'S ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY" PROGRAM Seniors retired from the entertainment industry get friendly phone calls from volunteers currently in the industry.

The connection keeps seniors tied to the industry, active socially and may lead to mentorship or provide a career connection for volunteers. Watch Video Intergenerational drama theater workshops involving students and seniors that combine first hand memories held by seniors along with role-play. Seniors take a rap, hip-hop class and perform in front of a live audience upon completion providing senior arts, creativity and confidence.

and to provide the senior community with an afternoon of socialization, comedy, laughter and fun activity. Watch Video Senior stand up comedy classes for seniors in retirement homes.

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    Sadly, the Eritrean government’s blackmailing tactics have encouraged a few people to shamelessly peddle their silence as a virtue, and to pledge allegiance to the misleadingly named segment, “Silent Majority”, a brand they hide behind, and portray as an epitome of wisdom.

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    Women go gaga for Matt Smith and Arthur Davil and Benedict Cumberbatch..

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    Among the countless creative geniuses emerging from this land are actor Daniel Day-Lewis, authors Oscar Wilde and C. Lewis, poet Seamus Heaney, and musicians Enya and Paul Hewson (aka Bono of U2). No need to sidestep issues—go ahead and speak your mind. If you date an Irish person, you would be wise to study up on your European geography. You’ll have a personal tour guide to a stunning country.

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    My high schooler also sets my teacher speed dating agenda. I’m too busy listening to what’s going down in that gym.