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Considering the value of the drone equipment, the cost of the Marco Polo UAVfind is negligible and a worthy investment. Having your drone crash or flyaway on you is a terrible experience; make sure you’re protected by using one of these quadcopter trackers.

Of course a crash landing and a flyaway is not the same thing.

The benefits of this Tracking-UAVfind-System are: Ultra-light – only 46g 2 Mile radius Up to 30 days battery racks location within inches One button tracking No ongoing costs or subscriptions Drawbacks: Will not take you to last FPV location like other systems The location and bearing is sent directly to your display.

The 2-mile radius should be more than sufficient but if not, simply travel in the general direction of flight until it is located and you start to receive data.

Let’s get to it and talk a bit about the best drone tracker, and drone tracker apps available now.

Don’t need a tracker but instead looking for drones with gps?

In case of a flyaway, your drone will likely lose satellite lock.