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To help eliminate pure chance, the healthy partner was asked to send the healing 'energy' at a time randomly chosen by computer. At the precise moment the healthy partner transmitted the healing thoughts, remarkable changes occurred in the mind and body of their ailing partner.

Their breathing and blood flow increased significantly, while their brain and skin electrical activity changed dramatically. 'Patients described having a warm feeling inside,' says Dr Radin.

'Either we're dealing with fraud on a massive scale; or large numbers of able and gifted researchers are simply wrong; or hundreds of reports disproving healing haven't been published.

All these seem unlikely, so we're left with the possibility that the effect is real.' 'Now we need to move on and understand what "healing" is and how it works.

Radin focused his work on couples, one of whom had cancer, reasoning that any 'psychic' connection would be strongest between people who loved each other.