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My Spanish is not very good so I am looking for new friends to help me practice. Keep it simple and clear using short sentences punctuated correctly using basic descriptive vocabulary.Don’t get fancy or you will get lost in translation.Hola mi amigos, so today I’d like to talk about Nicaragua which is definitely a country for old men.

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Be descriptive but do not over-share and reveal too much. I suggest documenting the details of this character in a notebook and memorizing these details (age, profession, back story, purpose for being in Nicaragua, etc.).

You can also build a Christian character for Christian Mingle and e Harmony, a swinging/casual sex character for okcupid, a platonic friendship/activity partner character on craigslist, a cowboy character for the cowboy/cowgirl sites, etc. One is a catholic conservative looking for marriage and kids and the other one a bit more liberal, an agnostic looking for friends and/or romance who is “not sure” about wanting kids (if you can only afford one character then build a conservative one).

By building different characters (don’t forget the costume, props, and corresponding photographs! However, the site is very good at catching people doing this so here is how you game their system.

) you can attract and bang very different kinds of women. To have two characters you must follow the above process by having two separate email accounts, one for each LAC account.

This is a good way to internet game all different types of Nicas, rich, poor, doctors, party girls, girls with kids and girls without kids, girls who want marriage and girls who don’t, girls who believe in God and girls who don’t, etc. I would also like to find a girlfriend because I will be in Nicaragua for two years. Of course, if you your Spanish is not very good use google translator to translate whatever it is you decide to write into Spanish.