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Geeez man.💗 I loved this show the story touched my heart how she lost her love and found it again in someone for Owen it just took one glance to fall for Auburn and to find her again after all them years is miracle!

😍 Ryan Cooper as Owen Gentry was a great pick he is a good actor love him in eye candy other great show sad they canceled that he also puts me in mind of young Jamie Dornan in his acting and Katie Leclerc as Auburn Reed was a wonderful pick she is a fantastic actress I loved her in Switched at Birth and the movie The Confession they brought characters to life.

Rather than follow one character for a long time, he follows dozens and dozens of characters for a few minutes each over the course of a single day in Austin, Texas, in 1990 or 1991. A young man runs his mother over in a car and then has a peculiar ceremony in his house. An old man finds someone trying to rob his house and takes him out for a pleasant walk to talk about politics. A woman walks to a coffee shop, some kids play in the woods, a young woman argues with her boyfriend. I thought this revelation was quite profound in the context of the film, that they were not mindless, rabid animals and perhaps their understanding this explained the antipathy of the general population. I can't qualify if that is true or not, but in the film, much of the humor DOES come at the expense of their maladies, and misfortunes. Their children are well on their way towards the same possible outcomes. Love for each other, and the life that they have lived, and for their oiffspring, and hope that the life that they lived, and what they left behind, was good enough. Kind of long and drawn out in places, but stick around. The sound is low, difficult to hear conversations, so turn up your sound up. I can understand some of the Spanish, but not all of it, and from the laughs the theatre audience was giving the Spanish conversations, it’s pretty clear that it’d be even better knowing what that dialogue entailed. No one HAS to be politically correct, but no one HAS to watch the network your show is aired on either, if you rub people the wrong way.

No matter what's going on, the film is never boring. A universal theme, a moment of truth when one is given a terrible choice in the face of great temptation. A couple of Brit heavy weights you`ll recognize, who bring this Fantastic tale to life. So I’m going to watch it again whenever a proper subbed version comes out. Andrews I was disappointed with this one now that I`m older. She is not going to jail, that is all that freedom of speech is, not going to jail or in trouble with the law about saying whatever as long as it is not a threat.

The photography was beautiful and the location reminds me of Western PA where I'm from.

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