Or invalidating

or invalidating-39

However, 3 subsequently could not participate because of scheduling problems and 2 did not respond to offers to schedule the first session. While 13 were first semester students, 7 were in their second, and 2 in their third semester of studies.

Participants received a coupon for coffee at the end of the first session and a coupon for a meal at the end of the second session.

The written responses were examined by 2 trained observers who rated each statement with regard to the degree of on a 3 point scale: 0 = neutral or invalidating statement; 1 = partially validating; and 2 = mainly validating.

The ICC for the ratings was 0.92 on both the preintervention and the postintervention assessments.

Scores may range from 0 to 24 and high scores indicate higher levels of satisfaction, but for purposes of graphic presentation we transformed the scale to the same range as the patient satisfaction with consultation questionnaire, ie, 0 to 50.