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It’s the kind of thing that’s ripe for pushing back against, ideally with a group of your coworkers.

Point out that not everyone even has credit cards, that people who do don’t always have room on their cards, and that charging big expenses like this can impact people’s credit scores (since one factor in a credit score is what percentage of your available credit is used at any given time).

Would it be a bad idea to ask this person to be a reference?

I have had so few professional supervisors that it seems like I must ask them, even if they were fired from the same company.

but the truth is that that’s not going to be the case in every industry or every office.

There are still offices where this would be A Thing that would be talked about in a negative way and where it could impact you professionally. So unfortunately, my advice on this one is that you’d need to feel out any new office on this, and proceed with caution until you’re pretty confident about whether it’s a group of people who can handle it or not. We have to use our personal credit cards for business expenses I work for a national nonprofit foundation. Whenever we have to book travel or hotels or pick up items for fundraisers, we have to put it on our own credit cards, then submit expense reports.

I’ve even tried sending a confirmation email that states, “Per our conversation…” and her response confirms an understanding until she asks the same question again a couple of days later. For example, she asks the same question about a process we have changed three times already. We have had many conversations as to why the change won’t work which is why we reverted back to the original process.