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A wonderful romance drama with lots of foodie goodness, this is an oldie that probably can’t be tracked down anymore. (Perfect Woman) – Matsushima Nanako at the height of her leading lady days as the poor girl determined to marry a rich man.

Of course she falls in love with the poor guy, and gets a chance to be with the rich guy. Fast-paced and addicting old-school J-dorama, and the work that made Matsushima Nanako a household name in Japan. Probably a tad too slow for the modern audiences, but I loved the moody slowness of it all.

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Osawa takao and ayase haruka dating

(Anego is the Japanese language equivalent of Noona) – Office dorama plus older woman-young man love story. Watch it for the sublime Shinohara Ryoko and Akanishi Jin in a non-sleazy and decent performance as her subordinate and love interest.

(Hana Kimi 2008) – Cross-dressing girl in an all boys boarding school. Oguri Shun basically sleep walked through his role, while Horikita Maki was girlier here than she was in Nw P, but it was Ikuta Toma that stole the show and everyone’s hearts.

(One Litre of Tears) – When that title, I suggest you hydrate yourself before starting this dorama.

Starring Sawajiri Erika and Nishikido Ryo, its billed as an uplifting real life story about a girl suffering from spinocerebellar degeneration.

A pair of lovers split up and cross paths multiple times in multiple places over the years. Even a slightly wobbly fourth quarter with the return of the douchebag ex-boyfriend doesn’t mar this dorama.

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