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It’s really strange when thinking how it is possible for a Cycladic island, which is so close to the overcrowded greek capital Athens, to remain one of the few unexplored paradises.

At Loutra, the springs were developed into a bath house by the Romans one of which still exists at the top of the square.

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There have been finds dating from the Neolithic age all the way to the medieval age.

A few traditional villages along with their many traditions dot this tiny island.

If Kythnos could reach out its hands it would reach Kea with one hand and Serifos with the other.

Looking at it on a map it’s like a bird with stretched wings to the North and to the South as if it’s ready to fly, to get away from the deep blue Aegean waters and fly away to unknown places with all its treasures: the beaches, the beautiful landscapes , the golden sunsets, the scented gardens, the churches, the traditional houses with the red roofs, the picturesque streets, the lonely windmills, the ancient history, the archaeological sites, the thermal springs , the joyful and hospitable people. Thermia is the name the inhabitants have given to their island, even from the 12th century A. There is minimum vegetation, a characteristic of all Cycladic islands, and it’s limited in only few olive trees, fig trees, almond trees and a few pear trees. The pine trees forest of Panagia Kanala is the only exception in this scenery.

The island of Kythnos and the surrounding islets constitute the municipality of Kythnos, which consists of two communities: Dryopidos community and Messarias community. The number of fishing boats is disproportionately big in relation to the population.