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Here in famously pet-friendly Los Angeles, I encounter dogs that are blatantly not service animals on a daily basis. This has recently led state governments to try and curb the problem through law.

Recently, during a morning visit to my local café, I laughed when a woman whose tiny dog was thrashing around at the limits of its leash and barking fiercely at other customers loudly proclaimed that it was a service animal. In Massachusetts, a House bill seeks to apply a $500 fine to pet owners who even falsely imply that their animal may be a service dog.

A study conducted at the University of California at Davis found that the number of “therapy dogs” or “emotional support animals” registered by animal control facilities in the state increased 1,000 percent between 20. A Google News search for “fake service dog” returns more than 2.2 million results.

Airways flight to make an emergency landing after repeatedly defecating in the aisle.

Businesses and similar entities are left to define their own policies.