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Recently two US dairy men were jailed for animal cruelty following an undercover video surveillance investigation by an animal rights organisation, where the use of a PVC water pipe to move cows was key to their sentencing by a judge who himself previously worked on a dairy farm.

In addition, the footage showed the breaking of a cows tail and allegedly a gas torch used for udder hair trimming put to a cows head.

Nevertheless, we are fighting to retain our market share and the competitors are marketing their products under the name of milk, or mylk, or m*lk and using celebrities to endorse them.

We desperately need to promote the heap of positives real dairy products and milk provide because, if we dont, more and more people will increasingly start to believe non-dairy alternatives are better all-round.

It doesnt matter that we may not think there are ethical issues about killing bobby calves, and that it is just a result of market forces, or that we dont accept the stresses on world resources from meat production is a growing concern. The fact is that some farmers need to wake up and smell the coffee and realise how they treat their animals, and how their farm looks to the general public are all important for the image of Dairy.