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No one is really sure who first produced smoking pipes under the Jobey brand.The pipes are believed to have originated in England; but their true origin is still a bit of a mystery.

This ensures that all the moisture is trapped, thereby leaving the tobacco free from saturation and preventing goo from reaching the mouth of the smoker.. A., but sales are restricted by the need to conserve strategic wartime materials.

Perfect hygiene is assured by unscrewing the bowl and cleaning the base with a tissue. Only limited manufacture is possible and most of the production is distributed through Service outlets, set up to supply the American Armed Forces.

1949: Mr George Hunt, of the Diversey Machine Co of Chicago takes over the manufacture and marketing of the Falcon Pipe, firstly in Indiana, Michigan, Illinois and Iowa. Thanks to the protracted patent rights legal battle, the manufacturing rights to Falcon were not finalised until 1956. alone 1955: Diversey Machine Works moved to 4117N Kilpatrick Avenue in Chicago from their Van Buren Street address. Mr David Morris, Chairman and Managing Director of the well known British multiple tobacconists group A.

1954: An amazing 6 million Falcon Pipes have been sold in the U. Lewis (Westminster) Ltd visits the Wembley Cup Final and notices someone smoking a Falcon pipe.

May of this year sees the first 30,000 pipes ready for distribution in the U. and following modest consumer press advertising, these are quickly sold.