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Additionally, suggestions from the individual with a disability may assist the employer in determining the type of reasonable accommodation to provide.

Where the individual or the employer are not familiar with possible accommodations, there are extensive public and private resources to help the employer identify reasonable accommodations once the specific limitations and workplace barriers have been ascertained. What medical information can employers ask for when an employee requests accommodation?

Under the ADA, employers must limit the scope of a medical inquiry in response to an accommodation request.

When the disability or need for accommodation is not obvious, an employer may require that the employee provide medical documentation to establish that the employee has an ADA disability, to show that the employee needs the requested accommodation, and to help determine effective accommodation options.

For employers that want to have a written request, JAN developed a Sample Reasonable Accommodation Form for Employers. What should employers do when they receive an accommodation request?

According to the EEOC, the employer and the individual with a disability should engage in an informal process to clarify what the individual needs and identify the appropriate reasonable accommodation.

One of the key non-discrimination requirements of Title I of the ADA is the obligation to provide reasonable accommodation for employees with disabilities.