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He will say that Scotland is in danger of becoming a one-party state, accusing the SNP of a litany of failure on pupil attainment, college student numbers, help for poorer university students and health spending.

He will also say hit out at the “mess of the law that bans football songs”, the merger that created Police Scotland and the Named-Person policy.

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Our weakest point is commercialism, so it was always inevitable that others with those skills would tinker a little around the edges of our basic concept — and even our name — and repackage it as a national issues-based tool for commercial sponsorship for a few weeks during national elections; or perhaps simply as yet another of those “fun” internet personality tests; or maybe just for five minutes of Facebook fame, with the source almost invariably unacknowledged.

The Political Compass continues to offer something more substantial all year round, and we look forward to keeping our hundreds of thousands of visitors stimulated for years to come.

Strict rules for the Holyrood vote state that constituency candidates can use only their party’s registered name on the ballot paper.

List candidates must also use their party name first, although this can be followed by a registered description.

It’s timely to stress that The Political Compass has been on the internet since 2001.