Cam live grif xxx - Powerpoint 2016 chart not updating

powerpoint 2016 chart not updating-12

The solution is to click the X axis of the chart so that you have it selected, right click and choose Format Axis. This turns your skinny bars into something a lot more attractive.

If the bars still not thick enough – and typically, for me, they aren’t – click on one bar to select the series, right click and choose Format Data Series.

Excel opens faster so you can crunch formulas with large ranges, filter lots of rows, or copy and paste faster.

New in: Link or import data from Dynamics 365 We've also now added the ability to link to or import data from Dynamics 365, which is a customer resource management (CRM), cloud-based business solution.

As you type, Excel detects the required transformations and shows a preview of the new column.