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Predating test

We propose an appropriate method for investigating the prey preferences of the muricid snail Reishia clavigera (Küster, 1860) with limited collection of live prey.

We compared 3 methods for examining the prey preference.

They are thought to be important predators that determine the community structure in the intertidal rocky shores.

Their prey preferences have been investigated using predation experiments to determine the amounts of various prey items consumed [5].

Suzaki is situated in a jutting lumpy shore, with a wide swash zone (34°39′N, 138°57′E). clavigera, goose barnacle Capitulum mitella (Linnaeus, 1758), and the Mytilidae bivalves Septifer virgatus (Wiegmann, 1837). clavigera individuals and 60 dead individuals of each prey were collected in June to August 2013.