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It gets serious as one humiliation follows another!

CODEY STEELE was in the midst of being robbed when the two burglars got into an argument with each other!

Then when Amarna said she was going to do some "slap 'n' tickle", Jason thought she was just kidding, but surprisingly she did lay into him with a leather slapper, and then tickled him too!

She mmphed frantically, but she was unable to warn her boyfriend in time that the intruders were still nearby!

[May 16] Private Investigator JASON GREEN had been having a difficult time in recent months.

The photo-story: JASON GREEN has always taken pride in his exemplary work as a security guard, but once he lets cute AMARNA MILLER distract him, his perfect record is gone in an instant as a heist begins!

Jason is humiliated when he realizes that his career is over and he'll be the laughingstock of his peers!

Still tied up in his shorts and silenced by a wraparound tape-gag, DUSTIN DARING sat straining against his bonds on the floor until he athletically maneuvered his back against the wall and rose to his feet!