Professor dating student policy

At a faculty senate meeting last fall, ASU professor Cynthia Tompkins was asked by faculty what prompted the proposed University Senate revision. The story detailed students who complained about faculty behavior and their concerns that the university's response fell short.Tompkins chaired the committee that drafted the new policy."We can't share exact data," she told faculty members. The story came a month after a blog posted by an advocacy group that was started by a former ASU student, Sun Devils Against Sexual Assault, carried similar allegations.If the relationship goes bad, things can quickly sour.

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In July, the group's founder, Jasmine Lester, filed a complaint with the U. Department of Education on behalf of herself and a group of current and former students, asking the agency to expand a federal investigation already underway into how the university handles complaints of sexual responds to sexual harassment involving faculty and students.

Two of the instructors named in her complaint no longer teach at Barrett.

"So that's the sanction and so the sanction is very harsh."Crow added the allegation has to be proven.

"You have to find out that it's true," he was quoted as saying.

Some colleges discourage relationships, but don't ban them.