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I like um...: Lidu-kun, intelligence and magic Motoko's diary: Today I got really stoned and punched the f*ck out of this homeless man. I like um...: swords, dope, power and magic Mutsumi's diary: Today I ate 34 watermelons. On my way home, I fell over and cracked my head on the concrete.

I like um...: watermelons, intelligence and power Mitsune's diary: I'madf drrfrunk!

-You can just say that you love me :) Location: City Likes for gifts: Game To get the best ending, you need: EXP: 500 Strenght: 3 Intelligence: 1 Charm: 3 Daichi is carefree and not serious. Be cheerful and live life as if there was nothing to lose.

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Photo 4 - Watch Thane and Spencer fight during the Pool event.

Being accepted into, or rejected from, private school gives a special memory to both the parents and children/teens.

Getting a child into private school, or getting into private school as a teen, is a high-value want that Knowledge and Fortune Sims are likely to roll, though it is not unique to them.

From now on I'm living in Hina Inn but if anyone sh*ts me off I swear I'll make them eat candels. : frying pans and intelligence Kaolla's diary: -random scribbles- I like um...: turtles, magic, and FUN Naru's diary: We have this new manager now at Hinata Inn.