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Who among us wouldn’t want to be a dazzling conversationalist?

Whether you’re chatting with your colleagues, your friends, your date, or anyone you’re randomly meeting at a cocktail party, there are few feelings quite as satisfying as artfully saying something truly surprising and interesting, and showing others a great time.

New Amsterdam was founded by the Dutch in 1653 and taken renamed New York by the English in 1664.

However, the Dutch briefly reclaimed it in 1673 and dubbed it New Orange, which was its name for about a year until it was returned to the British under the Treaty of Westminster.

It just keeps recycling itself over and over—so you might want to put that liquid through the Brita filter an extra time or two!

And for more great healthy-living knowledge, here are the 40 Health Myths You Hear Every Day. When she was 16, she joined the British employment agency the Labour Exchange, where she learned the basics of truck repair.

Originally cultivated in southeast Asia, they were originally green before the skin turned orange in warmer climates.