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As always, I think the Secrets Revealed episodes are better than most of what we’ve seen throughout season. Like the trampoline park where Tom 1 suggests they play dodgeball on teams of Jax plus all the women he’s slept with, vs. Bouncing boobs of many incarnations (Jax being the biggest boob of all). Let’s take a peek at what the reality stars have been up to in our new photo roundup.

He’s too old for a quarter-life crisis (let’s be honest, no one expects him to live to be 120 years old) and technically he’s too young for a mid-life crisis, so he’s in a 2/3 life crisis, which means having 400 birthday parties dedicated to doing things kids should do.

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From dating, to survival, to crazy housewives, to following self-absorbed, pseudo-celebrities all the way to chasing ghosts, spirits, demons and aliens.

If one digs deep enough into even the most seemingly normal, benign, non-paranormal reality shows, they soon discover that most, if not all, of the so-called reality genre is anything but real.

Bottom line here is that reality shows are fraudulent, some very near criminal in their nature, in which they’ve forced their participants into signing totally outrageous contracts which prohibit them from ever revealing the truth behind said show.

Many production companies producing reality shows have been frequently sued for libel, slander, defamation of character and misrepresentation.

Andy Cohen shared a cute photo with his beloved dog Wacha. The Vanderpump Rules star has been vacationing in Oahu, Hawaii with Robby where they were seen holding hands and walking on the beach.