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With a study finding that most people didn't feel they had officially entered adulthood until the age of 29, Market Watch's Trey Williams and Maria La Magna talk the key moments when people leave adolescence behind.

career expert Vicki Salemi and Moneyish's Nicole Lyn Pesce join Catey Hill and Quentin Fottrell to talk about why wearing a cheerful expression is another double standard that working women face -- even though it often has no impact on job performance.

Warren Solochek, president of NPD's food service practice, and Market Watch's Emma Court join Catey Hill and Quentin Fottrell to get to the bottom of why Americans are spending so much on takeout food.

On the heels of a damaging video of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick berating a driver going viral, American University's Aram Sinnreich joins Catey Hill and Quentin Fottrell to discuss just how the current social infrastructure of being under constant surveillance impacts our behavior.

Dow Jones reporter Kristiano Ang and David Lyle, President of Pact US, join Market Watch's Catey Hill and Maria La Magna to talk the current shake up the reality TV industry is seeing and whether or not it's the end of the genre as we know it.

Market Watch's Alessandra Malito joins Catey Hill and Maria La Magna to speak with Adrian Crook, who lives in a 1,050-square-foot condo with his five kids and explains how minimalism and strategy make this lifestyle doable.

Can regular intimacy at home lead to a more productive time at work?