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Seldom do they have that logistical ability at their fingertips, nor the subjective experience, requisite recognised qualification and the overall facility to conduct art authentication procedures to the very best and most thorough levels for their clients.

By definition, art appraisers to make matters worse, the supportive provenance and historical paper trail to go with them.

Add to the equation the vast number of small time crooks and swindlers passing off mediocre re signed paintings & drawings, through Internet sites and questionable auctioneers who pass them off as authentic to gullible dreamers and the subject of art authentication becomes a very serious business indeed.

The Perpetrators of Art Fraud: The crooks and fraudsters working the art market field, range from very big time players involved with million dollar Ponzi schemes, art fraud scams and illicit investment opportunities, (which sadly includes respectable fronted businesses and corporate firms dabbling in the very grey areas of art fraud), right down to part time opportunists. Naturally with art authentication, painstaking archival and academic study is an imperative part of our workload in investigating the authenticity of an art work for clients.

Many art appraisers neither have the capacity, nor the academic qualifications.