Regularexpressionvalidator not validating

It is possible that an attacker could alter the page’s markup to include a malicious script, or trick the user into visiting a different web page.

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Server-side validation can take many forms: We’ll be looking at some specific strategies for mitigating XSS utilizing ASP. These strategies include validation, output encoding, and sanitation. NET applications throw an Http Request Validation Exception in the event that HTML (or other potentially malicious values) are detected in the user input, which terminates the request.

Of course, such a blanket strategy can’t cover every possible case – further validation will be needed to ensure that input matches expectations.

In this post we’ll explore some strategies to assist developers with mitigating XSS vulnerabilities, including input validation, sanitation, and output encoding.

The classic XSS security exploit involves tricking a webpage to execute malicious Javascript code, which exposes the user’s authentication cookies to another website, all without the user’s knowledge.

It is important to keep this in mind when implementing custom functionality on a CMS-based website.