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On the previous episode, Ho Bang said that there are two fingerprint on the statue, but one of them is unidentified.

actually its not 40 episode but only 20 episode since its divide 1 hour became 30 minutes and two episode per day..

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Hoping for more twist in it's remaining episode and more romance 제발..

Watchable Story line is good but the screenplay of drama is lagging.

i like ahn jae wook in this movie,now i understand why go hye sun love him xixixixi I saw in the description that the drama was cut short :-( The ratings do not help either.

about age gap if i don't like that, i really don't wanna watch I Can Hear Your Voice and Secret Love Affair.

If you need a drama that wraps you up and makes you feel (just for a few moments) safe watch this.